Catawba County is reporting the following roads are closed:

These roads are closed due to varying degrees of damage and not just high waters. They will not be reopened until appropriate repairs are made to ensure safety.

Snow Creek Rd

Kool Park Rd @ Bridge

21st St NE @ Clyde Campbell

4730 16th St Dr NE, Hickory

3864 Buck Point Rd

300 S 8th Avenue, Maiden

Rocky Ford Rd at Bridge

Reepsville Rd//Paintshop Rd

8419 Reepsville Rd

2330 Journeys Pass

5411 Whitener Rd

Grace Ch Rd -- Plateau/Charolais

1146 Sain Rd

Mitchell Drive (Temp access via 321 exit ramp)

5662 Valleyfield Rd

1684 Eckard Rd

White Rd // Lefevers Rd

25th Avenue Dr NW Hickory

12th Avenue SE Hickory

3822 Pinecrest Drive

2869 & 2879 9th Ave SE, Hickory

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