Eric Millsaps

This is graduation week for Catawba County high school seniors.

There will be tears and smiles, hugs and farewells as new life chapters begin.

I did not spend a great deal of time on reflection at my high school graduation. I was so ready, at least I thought, for college and to leave behind my hometown. I was looking ahead when I should have been looking around at all the good people who would rarely cross my path again.

I would encourage graduating seniors to take the time to reflect on those memories and friendships as their high school days come to a close.

There will also be lots of advice. I will offer only one item:  You’ll regret the things you did not do in life more than the things you did.

A mentor often reminded me of that one. He was right. Seniors, I urge you to embrace your most far-flung dreams. And do it now, rather than later.

SUBHED: When rains come, our community responded

The 14 inches of rain that ruined roads and the weekend for many Catawba County residents also served as a reminder: This is a community that pulls together when times are tough.

City and county workers responded to the call. So did our amazing volunteers, from firefighters to Red Cross workers. A shelter was opened. Washed-out roads were blocked to protect drivers and blocked roads were cleared so traffic could move. Workers answered the request to keep the electricity and water flowing.

Here’s to the men and women, especially the volunteers, who do crucial work in our time of crisis.

You have our gratitude.

Eric Millsaps is editor of the Hickory Daily Record.

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