A pundit on Fox News recently warned us that impeachment could cause civil war from which this country will never heal. A well-known evangelical pastor said this is a road we don’t want to go down while asking for prayer to change the hearts of Democratic leaders about impeachment.

In response to the pundit, impeachment is indeed a sad, divisive process but one our Founders saw fit to include in the Constitution to deal with times like this. In response to changing hearts, it is the facts and truth that would need to change for Democrats not to pursue this investigation.

Should Trump be impeached it will be the third time in our history and there was no sign of civil war that followed the previous two. Nixon resigned before being impeached.

Let’s examine just some of what we know about Trump’s past behavior that is fact, not fake news. He, two years prior to the election of 2016, pursued the Obama birthplace conspiracy. In the primary, he attacked his opponents calling them names and dropping a conspiracy theory that Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved in Kennedy’s assassination. He paid $130,000 to a porn star to buy her silence during the campaign. Finally, while the Mueller report couldn’t prove conspiracy with Russia, Trump was not exonerated of obstruction of justice.

Now he is brazenly asking for a foreign investigation into corruption by the Bidens, the political opponent he most fears in 2020. This is representative of his behavior, and he expects us to believe that he has had an epiphany to root out global corruption that coincidentally begins with the Bidens. Mr. President, that dog doesn’t hunt.

If Andrew Johnson was impeached for ignoring the orders of Congress and Clinton for lying about an affair, soliciting a foreign government to interfere in our election warrants impeachment.

Democrats and Republicans took an oath as did the president to faithfully execute the law of the land. I truly don’t understand how anyone including our faith leaders would pray for them to betray that oath.

Ruth Long

Hickory NC

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