I have lived in Wilkesboro, N.C. my entire life and consider my hometown one of the best places to live in North Carolina. I am very impressed with how Wilkesboro has invested in our downtown to bring it back to life by adding new restaurants, new retail, and having downtown community events.

I am also familiar with Catawba County as I graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne; however, I have not spent much time in Catawba County since I graduated nearly 30 years ago.

My friend and current Conover City Councilman Kyle Hayman encouraged me to come to Conover to attend NORMfest in August. Kyle is very proud of how the city has invested in Conover to do many of same things Wilkesboro has done in an effort to revitalize the downtown. It had been a long time since I had been in Conover. Downtown looks great and I am so impressed with new amphitheater in the downtown park. The entire area is perfectly laid out with recreation and is in walking distance to restaurants and shopping.

As proud as I am in my hometown of Wilkesboro, I am jealous we don’t have something as great as what Conover has. The leadership in Conover should be commended for their vision and providing such a great venue for their citizens and guest such as myself. I can assure you my wife and I will be back!

I have known Kyle Hayman a long time. He is very proud of his city and serves the citizens of Conover with honor and integrity. While I cannot vote in Conover, I encourage all Conover citizens to vote to re-elect Kyle Hayman to the Conover City Council on Nov. 5.

Kent Childers

Wilkesboro, NC

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