Trump draining the swamp? That's totally laughable. His tax returns would likely reveal a true swamp.

Or, look at the guilty pleas or convictions of Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. All Trump guys through-and-through. Or, check the records of cabinet appointees Tom Price, David Shulkin, Ryan Zinke and Scott Pruitt. Remember, Trump himself said he "hires only the best."

This administration is rife with conflicts of interest, misuse of political funds, influence peddling, self-enrichment, working for foreign governments, lying to Congress and the FBI, violating ethics rules. And now, asking Russia, China and the Ukraine to investigate a political opponent.

Just imagine the vitriol in Republican circles if this was done by a President Hillary Clinton or President Barack Obama. Cries for impeachment or jail would be everywhere. Or perhaps sentencing them to 5th Avenue.

The swamp starts at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. He is "one person standing up for the people"? Perhaps if you are rich or well-connected, or...well, you know.

Now, some quotes to underline just how great this president is:

"in my great and unmatched wisdom," "I'm the only one that matters," referring to his own State Department, and "I moved on her like a ..."

Is this person a president we should really be proud of? I agree with letter writer Joyce Hilmer. Do we ignore Christian tenets of faith in favor of an economy (which is working mainly for the rich) or in favor of a bully who really cares only about himself?

America is better than this; we should act that way.

Robert Kapellusch

Newton NC

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