Democrats, liberals, progressives and radical leftists hate this pesky democratic process the founders gave us when things don't go their way. Texas Democrat congressman Al Green said it best: "I'm concerned that if we don't impeach this President he will get re-elected."

Translation: "We don't give a rat's %@#& what you deplorable and despicable idiot people think. You're too stupid to vote the way we want, so we have to somehow overturn your foolish decision to put Donald Trump in office. I'm very dismayed that no matter how much we attack this President (after all, we've been at it since before he was inaugurated) you people aren't buying our lies. Therefore we must do anything and everything we can to render your votes null and void and destroy Trump. So our only hope was to impeach him, even if we had to manufacture out of thin air 'high crimes and misdemeanors.' If this doesn't work (and I fear the tactic looks doomed) then we'll have to put up with you and Trump for another four years -- maybe we'll just manufacture more excuses to continue impeaching until maybe it finally works. Heaven forbid, the prospect of more Trump is terrifying! I know you dumb #@%& people have spoken, but by hook or crook we've got to shut you down so we can get back our power ... whatever it takes."

The ruling class -- unfortunately many establishment Republicans are included -- hate the fact that we the people actually believe we have a say as to how this country is run. When we try holding them accountable for their failed leadership by electing an unconventional, straight-talking, swamp-draining street fighter like Donald Trump, they fight back like cornered rabid dogs. We must stand fast and let them know that we aren't their lowly peasant serfs, and that they work on our behalf and at our pleasure. They may have forgotten that it's supposed to be government of, by and for the people, but we haven't forgotten ... and we'll make sure they hear us loud and clear.

Mac McCall

Taylorsville NC

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