I want to take a moment and say “thank you” to the Conover City Council for creating a safe and business-friendly environment in Conover. Our current city council has implemented a Downtown Revitalization Grant in an effort to partner with downtown businesses to beautify and upgrade downtown buildings; attract reinvestment in downtown buildings; and create a welcoming downtown in Conover. Many existing and new businesses have taken advantage of this great opportunity which has added more customers to our downtown stores.

Under the leadership of our current city council, Conover has implemented much-needed changes in downtown to slow traffic to a safe speed and create a pedestrian-friendly downtown. The investment our current city council continues to make in our downtown resulted in new business and growth that will benefit all citizens of Conover for many years to come. Their efforts in expanding our downtown park, building the Norman B. Coley Amphitheatre, and helping to bring NORMfest to Conover show their “outside the box” thinking that Conover needs. Three of our leaders are up for re-election to the Conover City Council on Nov. 5. They are council members Kyle Hayman, Bruce Eckard and Don Beal.

As a long-standing Conover business owner, I am excited about Conover’s future and Kyle, Bruce and Don are part of the reason for it. I hope all Conover citizens will support to re-elect Kyle Hayman, Bruce Eckard and Don Beal on November 5th.

Cornelia Winters Allman

Conover NC

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