I am writing to recommend a group of progressive, experienced and knowledgeable individuals for elective offices in the City of Newton.

John Stiver (for mayor) and Jody Dixon, Jerry Hodge and Roy Johnson (for city council) are the best choices if Newton is to continue on a path of progress.

There are conservatives running in Newton who think they can improve the streets, sidewalks and water and sewer lines with low taxes. Most people are on limited budgets. However, paying local property taxes is investing in your local community making it a better place for all of us to live. It takes tax money to repair old infrastructure.

There has been a power struggle on the Newton City Council for many years between progressives and conservatives. The conservatives have been too influential for too many years and that is why Newton's infrastructure is old and in need of repairs. If conservatives regain control of Newton, you can expect our city to regress.

Please get out and vote for Stiver, Dixon, Hodge and Johnson. This is the group that really represents all of Newton - not just a small group of wealthy property owners who do not want to pay their high property tax bills. Let's move forward together.

Greg Cranford

Newton, NC

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