Life experiences are valuable tools in acquiring wisdom. With wisdom, you know that it takes unity to make positive changes in Conover. I am the oldest of Brenda Powell’s five children. She has always taught us that we have to work together and use each other’s strengths to be successful. This wisdom will make her an integral member of the Conover City Council.

My mother loves God, her family, community and church. She has shown love through her long-term commitment to being involved in activities, which have improved the Conover community. Love is important in leadership because love allows personal agendas to be set aside so that what is best for the community is pursued. Love looks beyond an individual’s race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, background, political party or religion. My mother’s love for Conover will help unite its citizens and be a catalyst that propels Conover into a prosperous future.

Integrity is an essential characteristic required to serve on the city council. Integrity means your words are consistent with your actions. My mother lives a life of integrity by doing what is right when it is not the popular opinion. Her decisions and actions have been consistent with her commitment to improving Conover.

Brenda Powell has a servant’s heart and has been sowing into the community with a spirit of excellence for many years. Many character traits make individuals good candidates for leadership. My mother is a qualified candidate for the Conover City Council because of her core character traits of wisdom, love, and integrity.

Jerry “Mon” Powell, M.D.

Jamestown NC

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