Like many voters, I don’t have children in the Hickory schools. So, why should I care about the Hickory Public School Board election?

The answer is really simple: my tax dollars and everyone else’s in Hickory who pays real estate taxes. It is these taxes from which a large portion of the Hickory Public Schools uses to operate. It is a lot of money – more than most of us will ever see in our lives. Because of that huge responsibility, we need to elect people who have experience managing a budget and operating within that amount of money, and using the money wisely.

Only one of the two candidates running for the Hickory Public School Board representing Ward Six has the experience of creating and managing a budget, regardless of whether it’s the HPSB or her own household budget. That candidate is Amy Monroe.

Amy Monroe brings solid, proven experience and has aptly served on the Hickory Public School Board for eight years. Hickory Public Schools need Amy Monroe, who has shown her ability to be accountable and to be responsible.

Let’s vote to keep the candidate with both a vested interest in seeing that tax dollars are spent wisely, and that not only her children, but all Hickory’s children are well educated in the Hickory Public Schools.

Let’s vote to keep Amy Monroe as the Ward Six Hickory Public School Board Member November 5.

Amy Monroe is the smart choice for a smart Hickory.

Lynn McNeese

Hickory NC

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