Please join me in re-electing Amy Monroe to the Hickory Public School Board.

Just completing her second term, Amy pledges to continue her work in a positive manner, keeping the children in the forefront of her decisions, while knowing that she is responsible to the taxpayers who fund the school board; therefore, she doesn’t promote duplicating programs already in place, nor does she advocate implementing every new form of technology just for technology’s sake. As a steward of public funds, Amy understands the need to balance education with sound pedagogy and to not feverishly spend money unnecessarily.

Amy’s commitment to Hickory Public Schools comes straight from her heart. She is not using her elected position on the school board as a stepping stone to further a political career; she really just has the best educational interest of kids in mind. She realizes to accomplish these goals that positive working relationships with her fellow board members, administrators, parents, and other community members are paramount.

Amy Monroe is clearly the best choice to represent Ward Six for the Hickory Public School Board.

Please vote for Amy Monroe November 5th.

Laura La Flair

Hickory, NC

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