Brent Tomberlin's story about the Pittsburgh Pirates brought back fond memories. The World Series was a big deal then and often would be broadcast on the school intercom. I was in the eighth grade when Bill Mazeroski hit his highlight-reel home run. When your boyhood idol hits a walk off home run to beat the Yankees it is quite the memory.

Replays of the black-and-white highlight are still shown every October. I still remember clearly my hero hitting the ball over the left field fence covered in ivy and watching Mazeroski round the bases leaping for joy. During that World Series, it was like a David and Goliath battle. I remember making signs for my bike, riding around Morganton with Go Bucs in large letters clothes-pinned to my bike.

Thanks for printing a nostalgic column in these divisive times.

Barry Whetstine

Central Point, Oregon

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