I don’t often take my electronic pen up for topics other than the state of the nation or our civic duty to turn up and vote in an election. However, I feel as though lately I have not earned my membership in an organization that has been one of the finest organizations I have ever witnessed, ever since it evolved from the Sabre Society in the 1990s.

With some pride I can state that it evolved into the finest museum of aviation in the southern United States. I feel it an honor to take my pen up today for the Hickory Aviation Museum.

To even begin to describe the people, the planes, the history, you could indeed write a book about each topic individually alone, members like “Boats,” to Kyle Kirby, to Jeff Wofford, to passed members we remember and cherish like Bob Morgan, Sherman Best and Jim Rosamond to name but a small few, who built the museum, who shared their stories and most of all their time -- with each other but also with humble adults and children like me who had only ever been in awe of their deeds, from a time long past but much in need of remembrance.

The aircraft speak too, in their own way, from the F-4 Phantom II, to the A-7 dressed up like one of her VA-82 sisters long gone from over the skies of Vietnam, to the EA-6B Prowler from which it’s flight crew alighted upon special and personal delivery and in a sacred ceremony, two of the said crew retired the same day as the aircraft.

The history of course is something that comes from all parts, from exhibits, to model aircraft, to the people who served, and volunteer, to the very planes themselves, all telling a story that began in this same state in 1903 with that first historic flight at Kitty Hawk. One hundred seventeen years later, after much has been done with flight, I am proud to see what the Hickory Aviation Museum has achieved.

To the reader, whatever you claim to be, from your politics to the kind of sports team you pull for, there is one place I can honestly recommend to you, to broaden yourselves, to learn of the great people I have learned of and the planes, the history, the story. That place is the Hickory Aviation Museum.

Timothy Garrison

Conover NC

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