I’m a millennial who has lived in Hickory half my life. The city says they want millennials to stay here, but it seems like mostly lip service. I’m getting married next week and I’ll start my family here, but I’m staying because of my family and friends -- not because this is an excellent place for people my age.

The truth is that it’s very hard to make a living here, and even if you do, finding affordable housing is tricky. Our roads are in terrible shape and the lack of things to do has made drugs more appealing, which has been devastating to my peers.

I don’t feel like anyone on City Council understands the struggle of trying to make it here, in 2019.

But Carmen Eckard does understand that. She is also a millennial who moved here and is sticking. She has a lot of good ideas and is seeing things that the rest of them aren’t seeing, and she isn’t afraid to talk about those things.

We can’t have change unless we vote for change, so please join me in voting for Carmen Eckard for ward 1.

Kelli Vincent

Hickory NC

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