With early voting coming to a close and the Nov. 5 elections around the corner, I encourage all of my fellow Conover residents of voting age to exercise their priceless right to vote in the local elections.

You may feel that the current local elections for town/city council and school board are not as important as a congressional, statewide council or presidential election. However, I would kindly differ and say that the local elections are just as important as those wider geographical races as the elected town/city council and school boards also have the approval capacity of various public policies that affects all residents within the municipal jurisdiction and the families and students within the particular school district respectively. All election races at every level are important, but please don’t overlook the importance of the local elections.

As you will hopefully give more thought to the races, the candidates, incumbent and challenger, focus in on the Conover City Council Race in particular and candidate Brenda Powell. In fact, I strongly urge you to give your voting consideration to her candidacy and for election to the Conover City Council. Though she is a challenger, it is not a barrier, and she is ready and prepared to step to the batter’s box and serve the Conover Community as an elected official as she has worked/volunteered tirelessly for many years for community building across Conover. She has given the Conover community so much over the years and she has a lot more to give to the Conover community. She desires continuing to work on behalf of her beloved community and as an elected official would be a great match. The following is several of the wonderful qualities that will serve her well in office: cares about people; great communicator; thoughtful; integrity; a leader; smart; flexible; faithful, visionary; energetic; team player; a wife; and mother.

How do I know about these qualities? I have seen these qualities and other abilities in her up close and personally as I am not only a life-long resident of Conover, but have had the privilege of residing in the same neighborhood as Brenda and her husband, Jerry, and their fine family for over 50 years. Please exercise your right to vote and please vote Brenda Powell for Conover City Council as your vote is for “Moving Conover Forward Together.”

Carrie King

Conover NC

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