A few weeks ago, our Senator Wells railed against the waste at NCDOT, using this incendiary phrase: “drain the swamp.” I hear he’s running for lieutenant governor next election. Might explain his hackles.

We hear so little from him that he’s almost invisible to lots of us. I used to write to him, and to Rep. Jay Adams. I never got any response from Wells at all. Adams responded with the dismissiveness I’d heard other constituents report. Both made it clear they weren’t interested in hearing from me, much less in representing me.

About this “swamp” business. Here’s the “swamp” that concerns me most:

—pulling every trick in the book to deny citizens the right to vote;

—deliberately weighting the political scales through manipulated voting districts;

—starving public education to the detriment of those already marginalized—and to the future of our state;

—condemning half a million citizens to the poor health that only contributes more to our collective poverty.

Don’t need to mention the infamous “bathroom bill.”

Now, to me, this record’s a “swamp” worthy of its name.

Next election, I hope voters in our fair state will consider who we want to be as neighbors, community members, citizens and human beings. Those who subscribe to a Hereafter might want to think about how they’re going to answer at the Pearly Gates for their part in all this sorriness.

I also hope those brave souls who gave us an honest-to-goodness choice in the last election here are doing their homework and keeping the faith. The goal is not to win one battle, but to win the war for right, decency, compassion and the future of North Carolina … of ALL of us here.

I don’t know the truth of Senator Wells’ allegations regarding our DOT. That agency is such an easy target, so often maligned and the butt of jokes. Besides, how do we know when our politicians are telling the truth? Look at their record.

To me, too many in office haven’t just smacked democracy upside the head, they’ve beaten the heck out of her with a tire iron. All in the name of holding on to power.

Our Senator Wells is part of that if for no other reason than guilt by association. Or silence.

Drain the swamp? The Senator might want to think about whose coattails he’s riding now. Just sayin’.

Beverly Finney

Hickory NC

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