Printing paid advertisements, especially political ads, containing blatant falsehoods is a ticklish situation for news media. Printing blatantly false statements as news without comment, even on the opinions page, is questionable.

I refer to the Oct. 23 tweet from Donald Trump printed in the HDR on Oct. 25 stating in part “…Democrats allow Republicans Zero Representation, Zero Due Process… [sic]." This obviously refers to the House of Representatives’ committees investigating the Ukraine affair, where House rules established and observed in the past by Republican majorities allow only committee members to attend classified depositions during the initial investigations. Republican members of those committees and their staff have been attending the classified hearings (even some who participated in the childish sit-in staged for media purposes, while violating House rules prohibited mobile telephones in the electronically secured hearing rooms).

When news media report quotes which contain falsehoods it is incumbent that the falsehoods be noted, not repeated as if they are factual statements. If there are errors of fact in this comment, and if you choose to print it, please note and correct such statements as an editorial addition.

Unlike others I acknowledge that I am sometimes incorrect and can learn by being corrected.

John W. Bates


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