Election season is upon us and I want to take a moment and urge all citizens of Conover to support Kyle Hayman for re-election to the Conover City Council. As a longtime homeowner in Conover, I stay interested in how our city runs. With cities across our state struggling, Conover continues to thrive and grow. Our City Council continues to move Conover forward and has established Conover as a leader in North Carolina.

Through the leadership of men like Kyle Hayman, our Conover City Council and staff has obtained numerous grants in an effort to provide the highest level of service for all who live here. New businesses have continued to start in several areas of the city including new development at Conover Station which houses The Perfect Workout and Fresh Chef Kitchen. This development is such a wonderful addition to our great city and I am so thankful to our current City Council for moving forward with this project.

Through the efforts of our City Council and staff, our downtown park has expanded and Conover partnered with the Norman B. Coley Foundation to bring NORMfest to Conover. This one-day music festival brought over 3,500 people to downtown Conover and is already considered a highlight to look forward to every year.

I have known Kyle for more than 25 years. He has a true love and passion to serve Conover. His hard work is evident as Conover is one of the most affordable, safe, and vibrant places to live and raise a family. I support our City Council and urge all Conover citizens to support Kyle Hayman for re-election to the Conover City Council!

Martin L. Braswell

Conover, NC

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