Though he’s a long shot to become the Democratic nominee for president, Andrew Yang has a message that resonates with me.

I don’t know about his guaranteed income proposal, but I think his campaign premise just feels right. It takes me above the fray of divisiveness, both the petty and the dangerous. It invites me to stand on the hill above the stagnant muck of the present to see the sunrise of possibilities.

On Yang’s campaign t-shirts is this slogan: Not Right, Not Left, Forward. That’s such fresh air to me. Understandably, we’re caught up in the gloomy negative, so angry and weary. We fail, however, to raise our eyes to a vision for tomorrow. That is where our hope lies.

While we’re bickering over the human impact, the effects of the climate change already rage over the entire planet. The ensuing chaos has only begun. We are not ready.

While we lay out big dollars for the next electronic gadget, gluing our eyes and brains to a world of our choosing, the next iteration is being created and put to uses that will surprise, even shock, us. Technology, as marvelous and useful as it is, will continue to encroach on our lives in ways we have not yet imagined. We are not ready.

In closing our borders and shutting out desperate mothers and fathers hoping for better lives for their children as my blue-collar parents did, our economy is becoming desperate for labor to do the hard, dirty, degrading, menial jobs that are the bedrock of capitalism.

As the price of the ticket to their dreams, immigrants are willing, eager even, to do work the rest of us find demeaning. Why aren’t we ready with a win-win place for them?

Tomorrow and the tomorrows after are coming at a stealthy speed we don’t comprehend. We are not ready. Maybe no one knows how to get ready. At least no one with any political clout.

I suspect it’s linked to the backward thinking of long-term partisans. My mother, at 92, lives more and more in her past, and she reinvents it to suit her. I see a familiar, and frightening, parallel among those we choose to lead. Please vote.

Yang’s campaign hat is blue. Embroidered across the front, the acronym MATH: Make America Think Harder. We can … if we will. We’d better, because we’re not ready.

Beverly Finney


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