On 4 June David Truman wrote, in part: “...Trump and Nixon are the only [presidents] to involve a foreign adversary..."

The Nixon 1972 reelection campaign organization "hacked" (physically, since the internet wasn't invented yet) the offices and files of the Democratic National Committee. Subsequent investigations led to documentation of abuses, corruption, and obstruction by Nixon and his staff (including finding someone to fire a special prosecutor) resulting in his resignation facing almost certain impeachment and bipartisan conviction in the Senate.

I recall and find no references of allegations that the 1972 Nixon campaign or subsequent administration sought, encouraged, anticipated or expected to profit from activities undertaken on their behalf, or in opposition to their opponents, by any foreign government or agency. The potential for such activities in a campaign almost 50 years later are actively discussed today.

Responding to Editor Millsaps’ report the following day about a reader upset that editorial cartoons in the Record were unfavorable to Donald Trump, I suggest researching the legend that modern usage of the term “nasty” evolved from the name of Thomas Nast, whose editorial cartoons were famously critical of and may have contributed to the downfall of an overweight, criminal, and corrupt political figure and major land owner in New York City.

John W. Bates

Hickory, NC

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