Well M.K. Mason (HDR 5/31/19), unfortunately Liar-in-Chief will never have those characteristics that you ascribe to President Obama because, as was observable before he was elected, Liar in -Chief is a vile human being.

It is easily determined by his actions and words that he is deficient in mnany ways -- mentally, morally and intellectually -- to name a few. It is short-sighted to this his despicable behavior can be overlooked if his policies appear to improve the economy or have some other perceived benefit to us, if even momentarily. 

If we care at all about the future of our democracy, we should not want our country represented by such a reprehensible individual. We should want an honorable leader.

P.S. Just read Mac McCall's latest contribution (HDR 6/2/19) and found it to be tiresome and tedious. Talk about distortions and hyperbole.

Lorna Bradshaw

Taylorsville, NC

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