In response to Carolyn Lawing's letter, I regret to inform her she is NOT "in the know." Were she knowledgeable as pertains to the Democrats' message, she would understand at the very least, these things:

1. People who are "religious" are not ignorant nor uneducated - our country was founded upon IN GOD WE TRUST.

2. The economy in our country is booming! Lowest unemployment in all ethnic/demographic groups & just take a look at that stock market - highest in history!

3. A vote for Trump in 2020 is NOT necessarily a "religious" vote; however, it could be the vote that very well keeps your FREEDOM. If Ms. Carolyn believes the "highly educated" young people voting Democratic will save our country, she might consider picking up a dictionary, doing a Google search or taking a civics class. If she understood the differences between capitalism, socialism and communism, my hope would be she would never want a candidate voted in who promised everything free to the American people. That is socialism at its finest and all you have to do is look around at the countries failing due to socialism (Venezuela tops the list right now, but there has never been a country that has NOT failed under a socialistic government).

There is also no way in a free society everyone can be equal in wealth. Ms. Carolyn, do you want to give your hard-earned money to others who refuse to work so you both can be equal financially? I think not. Free education for all; free medical for all, a stipend for people who don't wish to work. Who is going to pay for this? Oh, wait! That would be every person who worked and earned their money and pay taxes - You, Ms. Carolyn, your kids, and their kids. Getting everything for free isn't freedom -- it is socialism!

Our children would be well served to pay attention in civics class and people who think as Ms. Carolyn does could stand to get some good old-fashioned common sense.

God Bless America and President Trump!

Andy Parsons

Conover, NC

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