I am writing in response to the M.G. Childers letter in the July 26 Hickory Daily Record.

M.G. Childers, I wish to thank you for your service, and I hope if your disability was sustained during your service that you received proper and complete medical care.

I, too, am a Viet Nam veteran. My total service stretches from 1970 through 1995, a total of exactly 25 years and one week. I have served on all continents except the Antarctic.

I have been in harm's way and have always loved my country, mainly for its ability to change and grow. 

I will not have you or any other American put words in my mouth. Ask this veteran and I will tell you what I believe and only what I believe and will not presume that all veterans believe as I.

As a veteran and an American citizen, I do not support the current administration nor have I ever believed in the saying, "If you do not love America, leave it."

I believe, "If you do not like something about America, try to make it better!"

America is all about change. America has brought more change to the modern world than probably any other country. The one constant in our great country is CHANGE.

I may not like some proposed changes, but I will not tell the Americans who made the proposals to leave. They are as entitled to their opinion as I or you.

In those graveyards you mentioned are also people of many nationalities and world religions who had many different ideas and beliefs, but all fought to keep us and our allies free.

Floyd Lawrence, RMC(SW), US Navy, retired

Newton, NC

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