It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed, I remember that period of time, Young Hippies on the road to Woodstock. Some rode in vehicles including old VW buses and many walking on the highways. They helped one another not hurt others like happens in this area. Singers helped build stages, some got a few dollars and others got nothing. Today they have to get paid a million dollars.

Perjury is a crime so is filing false criminal complaints. By the way what happens to the warrants that never got served? Oh, it's on the internet "Do not arrest this man for these charges." What Lily White Public Schools did these self-righteous people graduate from?

Been to the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco. It was like a desert with nobody in the windows, on the porches, steps or sidewalks. Stopped a young man on a bicycle and asked directions to Golden Gate Bridge, was told: turn right, go to bottom of the hill and turn left. He left one direction out the Bridge is ORANGE.

There will never be another Woodstock!

Robert Read

Hickory, NC

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