Last Friday's paper with front page headline saying how important choice is, followed by a sweet story by Sarah Markham seemed to present a biased, pro-choice side by the Hickory Daily Record.

While Sarah has an emotionally compelling argument and I am glad she chose life for her son, it falls short of being logically compelling since she can only speak to the choice she made. While she feels like pro-choice gave her freedom, since she did not choose to abort she cannot speak to the bondage she may have felt if she had exercised her free choice and terminated her pregnancy. Had she chosen abortion, she would have been locked into something that she cannot fully know the consequences of. Since she chose to have her son, these are the only consequences of the decision she knows.

I appreciate the conversation that HDR started with this article and would hope for an unbiased approach that doesn't draw conclusions prematurely.

Darcy Evans

Lenoir, NC

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