The Letters to the Editor column has been full of anti-Trump rants over the past few days. These letters deride the president for the “lies” that he has told; he should be more “presidential.”

What they are really saying is that he is not behaving like a politician. Well guess what … he is not a politician. I, along with the millions of Trump supporters, am very glad that he is not a politician. Donald Trump is a businessman. He talks and acts like a businessman. This means he uses exaggeration, hyperbole, tough language, and misdirection to achieve his objectives.

I have worked in large corporate environments. Donald Trump reminds me of the people who are successful in those environments. He could have continued to live his life as a businessman, but he has made a tremendous sacrifice to become our president.

He has endured the non-stop onslaught of hate from Democrats, the mainstream media and even some Republicans. Despite the opposition, he has made progress on fulfilling many of his campaign promises. If the Democrats could remember what the real purpose of Congress is (to serve their constituents) and work with President Trump to improve the lives of Americans, we would all benefit.

But the Democrats are still in denial that Hillary, the anointed one, lost the 2016 election. So, they and their sycophants in the mainstream media have spent over two years looking for a reason to oust President Trump. They haven’t found one yet. But they continue to create false constitutional crises to manufacture a reason.

Meanwhile the Democrats are doing everything they can to ensure that Donald Trump (or any Republican) can never win a presidential election. They want to eliminate the Electoral College, allow illegal aliens to vote, allow felons to vote from their jail cells, and lower the voting age to 16.

Today, unfortunately, the United States are no longer united. There is a very clear divide between red states and blue states (and red and blue areas within states). President Trump’s predecessor was a very divisive President who for eight years fed the national divide. Hillary’s loss was too much for the Democrats to take. So, they have devoted almost all of their energy to tearing down President Trump.

May God bless the United States. We truly need His blessings.

Vince LeGrand

Newton, NC

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