The Donald Trumps of the world don’t generally get hired by Fortune 500 companies and certainly don’t get elected President of the United States. They get washed out in a background check before even an interview.

If one does get through and fires off a tweet telling minority employees to go back to where they came from, they will be facing an EEOC charge and rebuke and possible termination by their boards. Leaders do not behave like Donald Trump and most definitely Presidents of the United States don’t. He is an anomaly, albeit a destructive one. This recent incident will too pass like all the other ones since February of 2017, but we will pay for their effects and the lost opportunity of four years where we could have done so much better.

While Trump wastes his time and ours picking fights and tweeting, China is embarking on things like a global infrastructure plan. We by comparison are trying to wall ourselves off from South America rather than trying to support the economies of our neighbors to the South, which is the only real solution to the migrant and illegal immigration crisis. Our debt to GDP is twice that of China but left to past behavior, Trump would simply default.

Knowledge and science are essential to our future success and survival. Leaders don’t attempt to muzzle scientific fact and evidence just because it might challenge positions grounded in their ignorance and politics. Kudos to Trump for getting elected in good times and getting a tax bill passed that any Republican could have done with a Republican Congress.

The job of President is more than stock prices and low unemployment. He is not doing the strategic things. He is ignoring the dark clouds on the horizon and in fact creating new ones. Four years of scandal, chaos, and behavior unfit for the office he holds is enough. For some Trump supporters, their support is so rooted in their biases and hatred they will never comprehend the threat this man is to our country.

For those who voted for him as the lesser of two bad choices, for those mid-western farmers now getting government bailout money, for those Evangelicals whose stomachs are churning over the deal they made with Trump, 2020 is your chance to help turn this ship around.

James Long

Hickory, NC

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