I enjoyed Emily Willis' article in Saturday's paper about Wanda Ammerman, polio survivor. My sister contracted polio at the age of 7 in Catawba County and had a similar outcome. Mrs. Ammerman's 'nothing stopped me' determination is shared by most polio survivors I have read about. These children are to be celebrated.

But I wonder why the reporter did not pursue the other 17-month-old girl whose name appeared in the reprinted Record article from June 8, 1944 along with Wanda Scronce. Linda Kiser Ingle is alive and well. She, too, faced battles and became a school teacher (retired) and owns a small Angus farm in eastern Burke County. One would think the public would have liked to know about the other little girl in Reporter Willis' article.

Evelyn Eckard

Hickory, NC

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