Trump’s latest attack on Elijah Cummins is one of many examples of the President never taking responsibility or never being proactive in problem solving but rather playing the blame game.

Negativism is today’s conservatism. 

President Trump thinks Congressman Cummins should spend more time in Baltimore fixing the crime and living conditions.  The problems they and many inner cities face along with high poverty states like Mississippi and Alabama require more than the effort of one Representative. They call for comprehensive solutions that involve those living in these conditions, federal, state, and local government, the private sector, churches, and civic organizations. Leadership is needed, not politics.

The plight of these cities is certainly exacerbated by the greed of those who are driven only by profit. Included in that Scrooge list is the President’s son-in-law. Trump and his father are in the historical records of abuse relative to low-income housing.

The question that needs to be posed to the president is: Would you sign legislation supporting Baltimore if Congressman Cummins presented you with a bill.  The president signs bills into law. Cummins is a congressman who only proposes legislation.

Let’s not forget Senator McConnell, the leader of the Senate who blocks most all legislation coming out of the Democratically controlled House. The president will have to pressure the grumpy senior senator from Kentucky to move any bill from the House through the Senate. What are the president’s ideas or is his role limited to placing blame?

Some attribute the president’s recent behavior to racism. It is hard to argue with that conclusion, but I don’t profess to know if his behavior is the result of a political strategy or genuine beliefs. Without qualification he is an attack dog, negative and devoid of leadership on policy.

David Turman

Hickory, NC

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