I have a novel idea. It might not get much traction, but here it goes. Since President Trump normally takes up all the oxygen in a room, why don’t members of the “fake” news media and those of us who don’t support him simply go into a different room?

He and his supporters, his media people and anyone else who feels the need to have the air sucked out of them can stay in their room. We in the other room will treat him with the respect that he deserves as president, we just simply won’t give him anymore air by reacting to everything he does and says and tweets. No more impeachment talk. No more late night hosts making fun of him and his family. Instead, we focus on solutions to make America the once great nation it was. We concentrate on creating policies that move us forward.

Just think, if Fox News didn’t have to spin whatever crazy thing Trump did or said, and no one was saying anything bad about him, they might have to report real news. Without enemies to rail against, I would imagine that Trumps rallies would become quite dull and viewership at Fox would fall off drastically. Sean Hannity would have to say things like, “The President didn’t really have anything to say in our nightly phone call.” Or Rush Limbaugh might have to start calling legitimate news sources, “The Stay in Their Lane Media."

Also, you know what happens when things don’t get oxygen don’t you? They die.

Kelley Walker

Hickory, NC

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