Wow! I have unleashed the attack dogs.

First, Don Baldwin's apparent telepathic powers revealed my unwavering belief in every word uttered by President Trump. He has no idea what I believe since I know many of his musings are hyperbole designed to enhance his negotiation strategies. (Democrats never lie?)

Then Chester Wronski joins the chorus by claiming I am a truth denier, yet stated he still believes Trump "colluded" with Russia when Mueller and his team of Democrats, despite their mightiest efforts, failed to find a shred of evidence to support the charge. Are you getting the pattern here? Their hate for Trump is so great they simply go on the attack. 

I'll cut to the chase. Leftists like Baldwin and Wronski are reluctant to debate real issues. My writings reveal why I believe left-wing socialist policies are wrong and are destroying America, and why conservative principals and policies are superior. But Baldwin and Wronski only want to attack their opponents. Instead, explain how the Democrats would improve on a 3.2 percent GDP growth rate, or lower even further record unemployment rates for all Americans, including African Americans, Latinos and women. Defend the $94 trillion "Green New Deal" which includes stopping cows from farting. Defend funding "Medicare for all" or a socialized medicine system that failed at the VA. Defend Democrats' support for open borders and "free" health care for illegals (see Biden and other democrat presidential hopefuls.) Defend Democrats' support of infanticide. Defend the growing Democrat support of antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments (see congresswomen Talib and Omar.) Defend the rising Democrat support for legalizing recreational marijuana which makes zombies of our youth. (Again, see Biden and others.) Defend 90 percent tax rates, abolishing the Electoral College. And sanctuary cities.

 I could go on and on with harmful and yes, sometimes crazy, positions of today's democrats. But they know how difficult it is to defend them, so they resort to attack. They're simply reduced to repeating reasons for hating this president and disparaging those who support his policies. Do better gentlemen. Try debating real issues. Hate-filled rants are tiresome and tedious. 

Mac McCall

Taylorsville, NC

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