It’s Soldier’s Reunion week here in Catawba County, a time to celebrate and honor all residents of Catawba County who have served in the military, from the Civil War and all the way up to today.

On the lawn of the 1924 Courthouse in downtown Newton, sits a monument that honors those residents of our county that paid the ultimate sacrifice as they gave their lives. There are soldiers listed on that monument from the Civil War, Spanish-American War, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and from the present-day wars in the Middle East.

The soldiers that serve and that have served from Catawba County, those that didn’t make it back home to those that did, fought for the freedoms that we enjoy every day as Americans. I say all the above to say this: In my opinion, it’s a shame and a disgrace that for the second year in a row the bands from the five county schools will not be participating in the parade. Whoever made the decision for the bands not to participate, be it one person or a group of people, I would like for you to come forward, identify yourself and give the reason for the decision.

Do not give some bull reason like that it’s too hot (as I’ve heard) as it’s been hot most every August that the parade has been held for over the last 129 years. It seems that most everyone these days is offended by something, and I’m offended that everyone else is offended!

As previously stated, this parade is to honor ALL who have served from Catawba County, not just one war! As for not participating because you or someone may be offended by something, Thank the Good Lord that the brave Soldiers of Catawba County and brave men and women from all across this great country did not have the mentality when serving and going into war of being afraid that they may offend someone!

Jeff Lominac

Conover, NC

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