I've heard it said that each day is a new beginning, a new opportunity. I wonder if it's so; if it could be so.

Our world has gone way too far in negative attitudes. I pray that each of us change those to positive attitudes and into real possibilities and opportunities for the good of the people.

God has to be heartbroken to see his people set on destroying each other with harsh words and actions. What a difference we could make in our communities and in the world if we would work together.

I feel some people want to pull back rather than see that progress is being made in race relations.

Personally, I have never felt anything accomplished with the "guilt trip” tactic -- it just creates a greater division. That is truly not the result we should be striving for. Let's aim for a new day for all!

I strongly feel these thoughts also apply not only to the White House but to Congress, the senate, house and our representatives -- Democrats and Republicans alike.

Peggy Byers

Hickory, NC

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