Some facts about the El Paso shooting that you won’t be hearing or reading about from the government or the mainstream media:

In the security camera pictures of the shooter entering the El Paso Walmart, you can see that he is carrying an AK-47 type of gun with a single 30 round magazine attached. He is not wearing a belt or vest designed to carry additional magazines. The magazines used on AK-47’s are long and sharply curved. He is wearing cargo pants which do not have pockets roomy enough to store AK-47 magazines. Yet, this shooter killed/injured almost 50 people.

The AK-47 is not a very accurate weapon, and the shoppers in the Walmart were running for their lives making themselves difficult targets to hit. How did a single shooter with only 30 bullets kill/injure nearly 50 people? I don’t recall reading anywhere that he is an expert marksman.

There were numerous witnesses who stated that they saw multiple people carrying guns and shooting. Those witnesses have been discredited by the police and mainstream media.

Secondly, you can see that the shooter is wearing hearing protection. What other mass shooter wore hearing protection? The only reason you wear hearing protection is to preserve your hearing for the future.

Mass shooters know that they will either be killed by the police or will commit suicide. This mass shooter somehow knew he was not going to die and wanted to preserve his hearing. How did he know this?

The manifesto that has been allegedly attributed to the shooter contains statements and beliefs some of which are attributable to the right and some of which are attributed to the left. Yet, the mainstream media are only communicating the statements/beliefs attributable to the right.

Neither the government nor the mainstream media are being honest about exactly what happened in El Paso.

Then there is the shooting in Dayton. The mainstream media have shown no interest in disseminating the social media history of this shooter. The reason for this lack of interest is because this shooter’s background does not fit in with the mainstream media’s agenda. He was a leftist. He hated President Trump and supported antifa. His presidential candidate of choice was Elizabeth Warren.

We the People are being fed false information by the mainstream media. You can be one of the sheeple and accept what the mainstream media reports or you can refuse to be led to the socialist slaughter of American values and seek the truth.

Socialists are calling for the implementation of “red flag” laws as a means of preventing mass shootings. Some states have already adopted these types of laws, and others are considering them. Even President Trump and Lindsey Graham are indicating a level of support for these types of laws.

Under “red flag” laws, if you suspect that a neighbor, friend or family member has said or done something that you think means they might someday be a mass shooter, you can report them to the government and have any guns that they own confiscated. Wow! Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro would be proud. Americans being encouraged to turn in their neighbors, friends and family members in to the government. What’s next? Red flag bounties.

I guess the Socialists here in America have won by further diminishing our rights under the U.S. Constitution. Benjamin Franklin famously opined that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” These “red flag” laws further dim the American light of Liberty.

Vince LeGrand

Newton, NC

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