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Early voting is just around the corner, and I feel it is my privilege to encourage my fellow voters to step up and vote in the 2019 elections. If you believe 2020 is going to be important, I can promise you that 2019 is also important.

I won’t belittle the importance of 2020 and I ask all to vote then, as well. I can lay before all the simple facts that many of your local taxes and functions of government, like police, fire, local roads, beautification, water, and trash collection are supervised and regulated by your city and county government. Every day you feel the influence of every level of government, local government deserves as much devotion and attention and certainly your vote as the other levels of government. There are many elections this year as well including my own City of Conover, in Newton there are elections, in Hickory there are elections, to name but a few prominent places.

In all of Catawba County there has always been high turnout in major election years, we should be able to display the same pride when discussing our “off year” elections. Therefore, I ask you to get informed, get out to vote and do your civic duty in 2019, you will not regret it and you certainly can do worse by not voting.

I can but close by reminding you and asking you to consider for a moment that September 1-3 marked the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II, that great and terrible war, which we would join after Pearl Harbor, was fought to preserve freedoms including the right to decide who serves in any public office. On this the 80th anniversary, I will ask for you to do your civic duty. Vote. If not for my sake, or your own sake, in memory of those freedoms which were preserved by many who cannot exercise those freedoms today.

Timothy Garrison

Conover NC

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