After watching the leading Dimikrat (sic) pretenders to the throne "debate" last week, I can only conclude that we have truly gone down the rabbit hole.

Seventy percent individual tax rates and 90 percent corporate rates? Open borders, "free" health care, and the right to vote for the millions of non-US citizens (read illegal aliens) that will flood in to take advantage of Uncle Sugar, or, rather, his taxpayers?  Free tuition to college?  The killing of children after birth in the name of "women's health care" and (think about this) abortion for female transgenders?  Gun confiscation?  An end to to the Electoral College?  Move over, Barack Obama, for The Real Transformers!

All but one or two of these people have many times taken a solemn oath before God to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  In the least, they have demonstrated that they are the worst of liars.  In the worst, they have identified themselves to be the domestic enemies of the Constitution they pledged their lives to defeat.

J. V. Fitzsimmons

Hickory, NC

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