Regarding Tammy Wilson's article. She used the term "butchers" and rightly so. It looks like a tornado zigzagged through town, killing one tree after another or destroying the rest. They ripped directly down the center of some trees, chopped off the tops of others and just totally sideswiped the rest of them.

Some of them are irreplaceable because they are very old. That brings us to what is left: the ugly wires up and down the highway.

Now I realize that the power company has a job to do. However, there might be a better way of doing it. For instance, the lines could be buried in the ground. That way no wind, rain or other weather disaster could destroy them or bring them down. The money that is spent ripping through the trees and destroying them could be spent on burying the wires.

I have lived in places where this has been done. It is a win-win situation because the wires are being brought down and the trees are being destroyed in the process. Trees are valuable. They give off oxygen. They help reduce noise levels and they absorb pollutants in the air. There is a long list of reasons why they are needed in nature, too long to mention here. So let's begin now to improve the way that things are being done and keep this beautiful state beautiful.

Catherine Niedermeyer

Newton, NC

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