I believe the Killed in Action memorial and monument is a vital part to the history of Burke County. The men who died serving our great country and our County from WW1 to Afghanistan are a part of Burke County’s history. They fought for this great country and our freedoms.

The enrichment it would bring to our county, adding to the history of the Civil War monument, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights is exactly why those men and women fought and died for our great nation.

The many people who visit each year, family members, students (think of the history that can be taught using those wars as examples of why we have our freedoms) and visitors can only add to the beauty of the history we have here. It would certainly add a positive reflection of our county and the respect we have for our fallen and what Burke County has to offer. Think of the reflection of our great nation and our history here.

I believe placing this monument across from the Charters of Freedom monuments on the North East Side of the Old courthouse lawn is a first class way to show our national history as well as our local history. I believe that our veterans should be shown the respect and honor they deserve. I believe there is no other way to show our respect and offer dignity to those who loved us enough to fight and die for us.

How about you? Don’t you think it would show honor to our veterans and thank them for their sacrifices? Don’t you think it would show the families and our children our respect for the lives of those family members they have maybe never met?

Hope A. Hoyt

Morganton, NC

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