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Our view: The arrest of two men at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia for simply sitting while black was reprehensible. Those are not our words. Those are the words of Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. His response gives us hope, for Starbucks, and our nation.

Why we believe that: Johnson, as CEO of the company, is tackling the issue head-on. It’s the right call.

He went to Philadelphia and stood in the white-hot glare of the negative spotlight. He met Tuesday with the men arrested for simply being inside a public coffee shop with the goal of offering a public apology. And he says the chain’s management training will change.

"I watched the video, which was hard to watch. That is not what Starbucks is about. That is not representative of our mission, our values and our guiding principles," Johnson said in an Associated Press article.

In conclusion: Those are strong words. They demand strong follow-through. But we are encouraged by the efforts of Starbucks' CEO. He seems to understand what far too many do not. When our brother is treated poorly because of his skin color, our society suffers.


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