The partial shutdown of our government is over (at least for three weeks) and affected government workers can resume jobs such as caring for our national parks and making sure terrorists are not boarding our flights.

We are happy a deal was struck.

We are not confident, however, in how our elected leaders will deal with each other in the coming weeks and months.

Frankly, many of our elected leaders lost sight of their duties during these trying times. We rightly expect government by the people and for the people rather than government for the elected and by the powerful.

The lack of empathy, from both sides of the aisle, toward federal employees dependent on a paycheck has been particularly disheartening.

Democrats and Republicans postured that they care about people and were focused on bringing the shutdown to an end. In truth, it appeared both sides dug in their heels and were focused on victory rather than the one thing that gets deals done – compromise.

When the president demanded a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a number of pundits encouraged the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to OK the wall in return for items the Democrats desire. Same goes for President Donald Trump. If he really wanted the wall, he had to understand he must offer something substantial in return.

The next three weeks will tell us much. We hope we see our lawmakers engage in a bit of compromise to keep our federal workers employed and government open. If they were to toss in a bit of decency and the promise to serve rather than rule, we wouldn’t be opposed.

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