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How many rednecks does it take to change a flag?

Two. Plus a ladder. And throw in a pickup truck for good measure.

My dad and his wife have a flagpole in the yard. The American flag that sits atop it had grown tattered.

We agreed Thanksgiving Day was the time to right this wrong.

With the help of a step ladder, we took down a section of the pole. We swapped the flags. But a combination of factors (the weight of the metal pole, the wind) slowed our efforts to return that section of pole to its rightful place, even when I stood on top of the ladder.

That’s when we decided to back the pickup truck up next to the flagpole. We put the ladder on the tailgate, and I climbed up and reconnected the section of the metal flag pole.

Our efforts were not suitable for an instructional safety video, but we got the job done.

Then Dad’s wife pointed out we had the American flag flying upside down. All we could do was laugh and go back up the ladder.

Our unintentional distress signal probably made sense to any neighbors who might’ve been watching.

We fixed the flag and went to the backyard to saw limbs.

Yep, that’s how we do Thanksgiving.

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Eric Millsaps is editor of

the Hickory Daily Record.

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