A man and a woman were arrested on animal cruelty charges in Alexander County on Nov. 22 and 25.

On Nov. 22, members of the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office and Alexander County Animal Control discovered three dead dogs, nine other dogs that were severely malnourished and one cat at a residence located on Hiddenite Church Road, according to a press release from the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office.

The deceased dogs were in dog lots with one on a collar and chain, according to the release.

Animal Control officers obtained a search warrant for the residence. When they returned to the residence with sheriff's deputies, officers found the three dogs were buried in their absence, the release stated.

Animal Control seized all animals on the property and they were taken to a local veterinary office where they were evaluated, according to the release.


Christopher Todd Bowes

The sheriff’s office charged Christopher Todd Bowes, 44, of Hiddenite, with three counts of felony kill animal by starvation. He was arrested on the scene and transported to the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center and given a $60,000 secured bond.

On Monday, Bowes was charged additionally with six counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty for six of the dogs being unlawfully and willfully deprived of necessary sustenance. He was given an additional bond of $10,000 for a total bond of $70,000, according to the release.


Kayla Dawn Adams

Kayla Dawn Adams, 26, of Stony Point, was also arrested Monday and charged with three counts of felony kill animal by starvation and six counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. She was also transported to the detention center and given a $70,000 bond.

The investigation is ongoing, according to the release.

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