CATAWBA COUNTY - The two Republican candidates for Catawba County Sheriff both logged significant time in law enforcement. Both were promoted into leadership roles. And both are vying to replace current Sheriff Coy Reid.

Jason Reid, the son of Sheriff Coy Reid, focuses on action. He says he will arrest drug dealers and protect schools.

What piqued your interest to run for office?

“I realized Iredell County knew what proactive law enforcement was… When I saw how proactive (former sheriff) Phil Redmond and his agency was, it gave me a new interest in law enforcement.”

Reid said in Iredell, he specialized in asset forfeiture, seeing firsthand how it works to a deputy’s advantage. The former Catawba County captain said his time with Sheriff David Carpenter in Lincoln County showed him how much of a difference one man could make in a community.

“It’s amazing to see how he has completely revamped that office,” Reid said.

If elected, what changes would you make?

“My father has set a foundation (of pounding drug dealers), and we’re going to continue that,” Reid said.

The former captain also stressed the issue of protecting schools with the recent influx of school shootings.

“We want the faculty and the teachers and administration to be as familiar with active shooter drills as they are with fire and tornado drills,” Reid said.

Reid said although he sees the current sheriff’s office SRO program as one of the best in the state, he thinks teachers and students can be more equipped if a shooting were to occur on school property.

What would be your top priority as sheriff?

Reid has unveiled a plan, titled “Protect Our Future.” The “Protect” is an acronym for the plan. (see left)

What’s the best advice you’ve received?

“Treat people the way you would expect to be treated in that same situation.”

What sets you apart from your opponent?

Reid cited his 10 years’ experience as a sheriff’s deputy. “The comparison is completely different (between a deputy and a police officer). It’s like the difference between a doctor and a dentist.”

Reid also said he’s worked as a supervisor at each of his stops in Iredell, Lincoln and Catawba County, in multiple facets in Catawba including the narcotics division, civil division, school resource officer division, and courtroom security.

At present, you are not allowed to testify as a state’s witness in the 25th district. If elected, how would this impact the sheriff’s office relationship with the DA and reputation of department?

“I don’t know of a sheriff that has to testify,” Reid said. “I don’t think it’s going to affect me at all.”

Reid said that if his testimony was necessary in a case, he believes current 25th District Attorney David Learner would call him to the stand.

“I’m 100 percent confident that if Mr. Learner were to win, where someone’s life was in jeopardy and they had a suspect and I was the only person that could testify, I believe Mr. Learner is going to allow that testimony,” Reid said.

Reid said there would not be an issue in the expedition of cases between the sheriff’s office and DA’s office if Reid and Learner each win their respective primary races in May.

What would you want on your tombstone?

“Never Quit”

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Max Seng is the crime reporter for the Hickory Daily Record. ​Follow him on Twitter @HDRmaxseng

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