NC SEN. Andy Wells

It wasn’t exactly what the Governor had in mind, but when he vetoed the state budget (because it didn’t spend enough) he actually cut spending. How’s that?

The Republican budget the General Assembly passed raised spending 3.4% – or $800 million.

Governor Cooper didn’t think that was enough spending – he wanted more government. So, he vetoed the Republican budget.

What happened next? So far, the house hasn’t been able to override the governor’s veto, and Republicans won’t pass the governor’s budget. So, there is no budget. 

What does that mean? When there’s no budget by law the state continues to spend the same amount it did last year – which means state spending is now lower than the budget Republicans passed and a lot lower than the governor’s budget.

And if, like me, you think big government isn’t the answer to every problem that’s not an alarming outcome.

Governor Cooper’s veto had unintended consequences. He wanted more spending but instead he’s given us less spending – saving taxpayers $2.5 billion. Here’s my suggestion: the legislature should bang down the gavel, adjourn, and go home and leave it at that – which would save taxpayers $2.5 billion.

State Senator Andy Wells

Hickory, NC

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