From left, are Addison Cox, Jayne Lee, Hickory Tavern Regent Andrea Benfield and Wade Cloer.

NEWTON - At a recent meeting, the Hickory Tavern Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution named the winners of the 2020 American History Essay Completion at three schools.

The title of the essay was “The Voyage of the Mayflower." The topic marks the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower and the founding of Plymouth Rock. Participants were to imagine themselves as a passenger, knowing what materials were available in 1620, what they would have packed to prepare for a new life in the wilderness. And, after experiencing two months at sea, would they have made different decisions, and why.

Six schools were contacted with essay material opportunity and four schools participated. Three judges independently read and judged all essays from 16 participants. A winner was named from fifth, seventh and eighth grades. There were no entries from sixth grade.

Each winner, a parent and/or teacher attended luncheon with Hickory Tavern chapter, read their essays and was presented a certificate, pin, an American flag and code and cash award. The fifth-grade winner was Jayna Lee from St. Stephens Elementary accompanied by her grandmother Ka-Yeng Vang , her teachers Ms. Haltiwanger, Ms. Johnson and her principal Kathy Keane She is the daughter of Chou Lee and Anita Yang. Jayna is a hard worker, enjoys English, math and science. She is a leader and helps new students feel welcome. She has been named a Terrific Kid.

The seventh-grade winner was Addison Cox from Ardnt Middle School, attending with her parents Zac and Amanda Cox and her grandfather John Boyd, as well as her teacher Julie Lo. Addison has played soccer since she was 4 and does well at it. She likes to read and write and her favorite book is "The Long Game." She hopes to do something in the medical field as an adult.

The eighth-grade winner was Wade Cloer from Jacobs Fork Middle School. attending with his parents, Darren and Heather Cloer as well as his grandfather Dennis Cloer and his teacher Robin McConnell. Wade enjoys learning history with his grandfather who is a retired history teacher. His favorite subject is math. He also enjoys vintage cars from the 1960s and 1970s,  bowling, reading and some video games. Wade hopes for a career in the health field as an adult.

The DAR is the largest woman’s service organization in the world dedicated to patriotism, historic preservation, education and veterans service. New members are welcomed. Membership is based upon establishing lineage to a patriot who either fought or gave support or service to the Revolution. For interest in membership and help with establishing ancestry line, call 828-464-2393 or 828-381-2688.

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