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Catawba County has posted a list of closed roads as of 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

Roads marked with *** are verified. Others are in process.

***Snow Creek Rd

***Kool Park Rd @ Bridge

3864 Buck Point Rd - Under Water

***300 S 8th Avenue, Maiden

Rocky Ford Rd at Bridge

Reepsville Rd//Paintshop Rd 

8419 Reepsville Rd 

4706 Macedonia Ch Rd 

Blackburn Elementary 

***2330 Journeys Pass

***5411 Whitener Rd 

***Grace Ch Rd -- Plateau/Charolais - DOT Closed

Machine Shop Rd//Mt Grove Ch Rd - Bridge Under Water

1739 Magnum Rd

1146 Sain Rd - Road Collapsing

5614 Sandhurst Rd 

Mitchell Drive (Temp access via 321 exit ramp) 

Eckard Rd - Road Collapsing

Highway 16 N @ Alex Co - Bridge 

Lookout Dam Rd - DOT Closed

Horseshoe Bend Rd 

2868 Rhoney Farm Rd 

13th St NW and 15th St NW, Conover

Old Conover Startown @ Big Red Ballfield

***25th Avenue Dr NW Hickory

***12th Avenue SE Hickory

29th Ave Dr NE - (Powerline issue)

3790 Potts Creek Rd 

***21st St NE @ Clyde Campbell

Wandering Lane//Pine Crest Drive - Large tree

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