NEWTON — With people spending more time outdoors in the summer months, the possibility of bug bites increases. To help educate them about what’s a run-of-the-mill bite and what could be more problematic, the Catawba County Library is hosting a seminar at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, at the Main Library in Newton (115 West C St.).

While the most likely response to a bite is a minor irritation like itchiness, the potential for more troubling concerns exists, like contracting Lyme disease or experiencing a severe allergic reaction. To help people avoid the potential dangers of ticks, spiders, wasps, and the like, Emily Killian from the Department of Public Health will share important information about these warm-weather pests.

Killian will talk about disease-carrying bugs and ticks and share tips for bite and sting prevention. She’ll also offer first aid tips and will help attendees recognize when a bite or sting could lead to something more serious. Registration is not required, and the program is free.

For more information about Catawba County Libraries, visit, call 828-465-8664, email, or visit them on Facebook.

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