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When and how did you acquire the car?    

October 2009, I found it online after looking at Camaros for many years and dreaming.

Tell us about your car (specs, restoration, etc. in detail.). 

This is an all-original car from top to bottom. It even has the original convertible top and interior. It comes with a 327 small-block with a hydramatic turbo transmission, LeMans blue and 78,000 original miles. Was previously owned by an Air Force pilot and stayed in storage most of its life. I haven’t had to do much to this car because it’s in such good condition and I only put about 200 miles on it per year.

Do you have a fun or interesting story about the car?  

The previous owner worked for General Motors and had this car repainted in the Chevrolet paint shop at GM. It has been in over 200 car shows nationwide, winning best of show in several including the James Dean Run show in Indiana.

Why do you love the car?

 I love this car because my boys and I love riding around town with the top down. It smells like the old cars I grew up with. It is always a head-turner.

What is the most interesting feature of the car? 

The most interesting feature is the paint. This car turns heads and makes cars slow down when I drive by.  I would also say that because it has the original interior from 1968, it makes this car very special.

What do people often ask you about the vehicle?  

Will you sell it?

What value do you place on the car?          


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