Teachers and faculty at Clyde Campbell Elementary want to encourage students as they work from home. That’s why they held a teacher parade Wednesday, driving by the homes of students and waving to them.

Schools closed last week due to concerns of the coronavirus spreading. This week, N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper announced schools in North Carolina would remain closed until May 15.

“Clyde Campbell has a strong family-community bond and we wanted to check in and see ‘our family’ and let them know we are here for them and are thinking of all of them.” Sophie Geoghegan, sixth-grade teacher at Clyde Campbell said.

Geoghegan said the idea to visit their students’ neighborhoods was brought up during their online staff meeting Tuesday night. Just before noon the next day, she and her coworkers were decorating and lining up cars at the school.

The teachers were able to see their students and show their support despite not being able to be physically close, Geoghegan said. “It gives them some morale in a safe way,” she said.

Geoghegan said to be sure they were following all advice on social distancing, only one teacher rode in each vehicle.

“It felt great to see our kids,” Geoghegan said. “I was definitely teary-eyed as we drove through the neighborhoods and saw them (the students) waving and smiling.”

Geoghegan said she isn’t sure if they will do more teacher parades, but faculty will continue to find ways to interact with the students and remind students that teachers are still there for them even outside the classroom.

“… seeing them really lifted our spirits and reminded us of the importance on continuing to be there for them and to show up for our kids,” Geoghegan said. “Mission accomplished!”

Geoghegan’s advice to parents is to try not to stress and take a breath. “Reach out to your teachers,” she said. “They want to help.”

“Parents are the kids’ first teachers,” Geoghegan continued. “They got this!”

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