Our view: We are less than two months from Veterans Day and the publication of a special section highlighting the contributions of men and women in the service. If you served, we want to hear from you. If your dad, mom, brother, sister or grandparent served, we want to hear about them.

Why we believe that: November will mark 100 years since the end of World War I, a war of great devastation and loss of human life. Accounts put the number of deaths associated with that war at more than 8 million. Scholars also believe the war set the stage for World War II, which began little more than 20 years after WWI concluded.

We are producing a special Veterans Day section in the Sunday, Nov. 11 edition. That section will include a retrospective of how Hickory fared on the home front during this war.

You’ll read about restrictions that kept local folks from driving on Sunday in an effort to save fuel for the fighting effort.

You’ll learn more about how items, such as sugar, were rationed. You’ll also see the patriotic spirit of this community and the pride residents felt as they contributed to the Red Cross.

We’re putting the finishing touches on a look at Catawba County’s role in World War I.

But that’s only part of the story.

Catawba County’s history is rich with stories of valor and sacrifice in defense of this great nation. Our aim is to share that history, with an eye toward documenting the contributions of our living veterans.

Veterans, share your story. We aim to record your contributions in words, images and video. Families of veterans, we ask you to contribute, as well. Help us find and share their stories. We want to celebrate the old photos and stories of those who are gone now but fought for freedom in years past.

In conclusion: As a community, we will remember and recognize our freedom fighters on Veterans Day. We ask you to join us in that project.

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